Karma – Do parents influence our karma?

Karma comprises our lot of good and  bad consequences as a result of our actions. Fundraising for charities and donating brings about good Karma.  Karma52 is funding US Non-Profits through the sales of limited edition apparel.

Do our parents play any role in our inheriting karma? It is a fact that we inherit most qualities of our character from our parents. We are very familiar with statements such as like father, like son or like mother like daughter or like father like daughter and like mother like son.

It is also the experience that many of us inherit a future similar to what our parents experienced. Is it Nature’s way of educating us as to how our future will be? We learn from the experiences of our parents. But many of us ignore the lessons one can learn from the experiences of our parents.

Only the degree of experiences vary but the nature or sum meaning by way of consequences of our actions remain same.

One very important feature is that those who respect and care for their parents live a life of health, peace and prosperity while those who disrespect and do not care for their parents experience hardships.

Does this experience indicate that our parents do influence the type of karma we have?

(Courtesy of www.speakingtree.in)

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